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A portion of the proceeds will go to The PARC Rehabilitation Center & Alcoholics Anonymous

For the past 7 years I have been secretly battling depression and alcoholism. There was a time in the beginning stages where things were "all good", and I would only drink to get over anxiety or depression quicker, for liquid courage, or to have "more fun", but things quickly changed. What was once a drink or two or three for a "special occasion" like those mentioned above, turned into a plethora of outrageous DAILY excuses to abuse alcohol.

The once upon a time "I'm drinking to have more fun Mykie" turned into the "angry drunk" and pessimist. I didn't realize that I was digging my grave and only making smaller problems into larger ones. I spent years waking up sick realizing that there was no problem I had that alcohol made better, but still I continued. This was something I slowly started to realize I had no control over. The cycle continued with the hopes that one day I could stop it all.

I hid this struggle for as long as I could until it started to become eye opening to those around me and began not only affecting me but the ones that I loved the most. Not knowing that this was a REAL disease I believed that I could fix it on my own. I failed every time.

I cannot change the past, take away the pain I caused others, or the embarrassment I caused myself. I can only thank GOD for where I am today. He allowed me to finally overcome this!

January 11th 2017 I finally had enough. I woke up sick, called my mother and told her I was ready to go get help. That very day I checked myself into REHAB and one month later came out a completely different woman. While away I had no choice but to face myself and truly internalize my actions and the triggers to them. Every single day was spent with amazing doctors, therapists, and patients learning more about the disease and why I wasn't able to overcome this alone. I was able to focus on myself and re-building my relationship with GOD. Alcoholism is a hereditary disease that millions are battling. I didn't ask for this. I hated the fact that this disease took control of my life and almost took me out.

This "thing" called REHAB that I ran away from the idea of for years is the very thing that changed and saved my LIFE! I have no desire to drink again. Although, I will forever be a recovering alcoholic and know that temptations and urges will come, I can celebrate now that my relationship with GOD and love for myself is stronger than ever, which is the reason I am able to say NO. I now know how to channel my frustrations, insecurities, and anxiety into healthy outlets. I am now 5 months SOBER and so much better! As a result, I now have a duty and obligation while on this earth to try to help others who have dealt with or are dealing with addiction.

Through this all God revealed to me my purpose. He didn't allow this to happen to me to kill me. God allowed this to happen to one of his toughest soldiers because He knew I would not only be strong enough to fight through this but brave enough to speak about it in hopes of helping and saving others.

My experience in REHAB inspired my brand new EP and brand new PROJECT REHAB campaign that is launching June 16th!! I'm so excited about what's to come and to share this with all of you! Thanks for all of your support as this is not the easiest to admit. Special thanks to my mother who never left my side, my family, close friends, and significant other who stuck with me through it all. I love you all! One day at a time is the motto. #PROJECTREHAB

Please support the movement by purchasing the EP & PROJECT REHAB merchandise which will be launching June 16th! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Alcoholics Anonymous & The PARC Rehabilitation Center.

Miss Mykie